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Fresno Green Team

The Fresno Green Team, a member of the California Green Business Network and under expansion through the Energy Upgrade CA initiative. It aims to educate businesses on sustainable practices and to help those businesses achieve the California Green Business Program’s Certification. The Fresno Green Team is modeled after the Greater Stockton Chamber’s San Joaquin Green Team.

California Green Business Program

The California Green Business Program leads the state and nation in working with small to medium sized businesses to grow a vibrant and healthy green economy. Led by a coalition of cities and counties, the CAGB Network contributes to more livable communities with healthier environments, while also conserving resources and saving money.

The REACON Team is the outreach arm of the Green Team San Joaquin.

Outreach: The REACON Team will proactively visit medium to large size businesses to share and promote cost-saving “green” practices at their place of business.

Green Assessment and Certification: We will provide a REACON assessment, that when completed by the company and green practices implemented, then reviewed by the REACON team, will qualify the company to be “Green Certified”.

Programs: REACON Team will provide information on the Recycling Market Development Zone, Commute Connection, energy conservation programs, waste audits, and ways to reduce air pollution. In addition, information on other Chamber programs will be offered.

Recognition: “P³ Stewardship” stands for Policies, Practices and Purchasing Stewardship. A P³ Stewardship Award has been developed to recognize businesses that engage in green practices and will be acknowledged during the annual Small Business Awards each year.

Fast Facts

  • Over $33,000,000 saved by Certified California Green Businesses.
  • There are over 3,000+ Certified Green Businesses in California today.
  • 835,334 metric tons of CO2 has been saved this year alone. Total savings: $3,083,277.
  • 149,943,108 gallons of water saved.
  • 432,917 metric tons of waste diverted.
  • Over $33,000,000 saved by Certified California Green Businesses.

Facts & questions

How do I become a certified California Green Business?

To be certified as a Green Business you must demonstrate that you take action to conserve resources and prevent pollution in both your facility (fixtures and maintenance) and your operations (purchasing and other practices).

How can the Fresno Green Team help?

  • Provide REACON assessments
  • Opportunity to engage industry leaders
  • Support from industry professionals
  • Recognition for green milestones
  • Promotion of your business
  • Certify you as a CA Green Business

Why Green Business Certification? It Simply Makes Good Business Sense!

A Green Business…

  • Can lower the cost of doing business
  • Improves employee morale and the health of the workplace
  • Holds a marketing edge over the competition
  • Is recognized as an environmental leader

What are the steps I should take to become Green Business Certified?

  1. Review the marks at

  2. Schedule a REACON Visit with our team

  3. Implement any recommendations from the REACON team assessment

  4. Apply to be a green business and pass your Green Business Certification Assessment

How long does it take for a business to obtain Green Business Certification?

It depends on several factors: how many practices on the Green Business are already in place, how complicated the facility is (i.e. is there a kitchen, parking lot, or pool?), and how committed the business is to making the required changes quickly. It generally takes a quick business about a month to 6 weeks. An average time frame is about 3 months. Some businesses can take up to a year if they move slowly or have complicated changes to make.

Quick Tips on Going Green

  1. Perform an energy update

  2. Switch to LEDs and save

  3. Get low flow toilets and faucets

  4. Install a programmable thermostat

  5. Invest in Energy Star appliances

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