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Photo: Stocksy/Ivan Gener Let’s be real for a second: Masks suck. They’re uncomfortable, especially in the heat, and they prevent you from gazing upon the beautiful faces of people you’re no longer allowed to get within six feet of, among other inconveniences. No one wants to live in a masked world forever. And that’s why it’s so important that you stop believing common mask myths you may have heard—or that’s the way it’s going to be. Read More... From: Well+Good

Our state, California, now has 46,500 confirmed cases of COVID-19, resulting in 1,887 deaths. The number of COVID-related deaths increased slightly by 4.3 percent from Monday April 27th's total of 1,809. The number of diagnostic tests for COVID-19 in California is on the increase, with a total of 603,139 on Tuesday, April 28th. California’s hospitalizations due to COVID-19 have increased by 40 over Monday's numbers. Check out the data for yourself at the state of California website dedicated to the COVID-19 numbers.

For realtime Infograph of Fresno COVID-19 data click here. Courtesy of Johns Hopkins University

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (CN) — Marking a milestone in the pandemic fight, California Governor Gavin Newsom on Tuesday offered a ray of hope to 40 million residents confined at home by unveiling a strategy to open up the state.

“This can’t be a permanent state, and it will not be a permanent state,” Newsom said.

In a media briefing, Newsom unveiled a 6-point roadmap that he says will guide California’s transition from total lockdown to a functioning society and economy. The full reopening of the state’s $3 trillion economy will hinge on enhanced testing and a statewide reshaping of businesses, hospitals and schools to further implement physical distancing. Read more here

Under THE CARES ACT stimulus bill, unemployment benefits will now include a $600 weekly bonus. The benefit is even available to freelancers and gig workers who don’t normally qualify for unemployment benefits. For more details on the new unemployment benefits see this article from Mother Jones here>>>

James Dyson, billionaire founder of Dyson, designed a new ventilator in only 10 days. His company has gone to work to produce 15,000 units for the COVID-19 pandemic fight. See the complete story HERE>>>

Monday, March 30, 2020
10:00 AM Sign-up to attend a Webinar hosted by FMBCC and featuring Congressman Jim Costa, SBA District Director Dawn Golik and FMBCC CEO Tara Lynn Gray to take a deep dive into the federal economic stimulus bill passed by congress on Friday, March 27, 2020. The bill contains billions of dollars toward a small business rescue plan.  Find out how this will impact the Central Valley. REGISTER NOW>>>

During an emergency Fresno City Council meeting March 25, 2020 the Council members voted and passed two emergency ordinances in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. The Resolution Directing Saff to Create "The Save our Small Business Act" and Ordinance Amending COVID-19 Pandemic Emergency Measures are both available for you to read in full HERE>>>

Senate Democrats have worked across the aisle to secure a $2 trillion dollar investment in American workers, have funded a Marshall Plan for hospitals, a small business rescue plan, emergency appropriations and more. See an outline detailing the full scope of the bill here >>> Here is short rundown of the funding package to support America's workforce during this unprecedented time in our history: Democrats secured a massive $260 billion dollar investment in the Unemployment Insurance program as well as critical reforms to make the program more effective for workers. In the wake of the economic recession caused by the coronavirus the UI program is an essential a long-term lifeline for millions of workers during this crisis. Democrats secured an unprecedented and historic investment for our health care system in its fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. The new $150 billion fund is widely available to all types of hospitals and providers most affected by COVID-19, and it will be available to fund whatever is needed to defeat this virus. Tough new requirements not included in the McConnell bill have been added to government loans lent to companies. The bill includes a $377 billion dollar small business rescue plan and has increased direct payments to working Americans from $600 to $1200 with an additional $500 payment per child. It also provides $150 billion dollars to assist States, Tribes and local governments meet expenses. It also includes an additional $330 billion dollars in emergency appropriations and student loan relief. Download the outline detailing the full scope of the bill here >>>

Are you a business owner trying to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic? Are you concerned about cash flow? Keeping your employees? Not sure what resources are available to you?
Signup to attend this FREE and informative webinar. Following the webinar, the Fresno Metro Black Chamber of Commerce will be standing by to help you take the next steps in applying for assistance and navigating the system to ensure that you are able to make the right choices for your business in this critical time. SIGN UP NOW HERE>>>

Thank you to all that participated in the March 16, 2020 webinar we hosted with the Fresno SBA District Office, Access Plus Capital, and Central Valley BizFed. Presentations by Dawn Golik, SBA, Clint Olivier, CV BizFed, and Tate Hill, Access Plus Capital, and Tara Lynn Gray can be found on the slides below. A complete audio and video version of the webinar is linked below as well as updated disaster relief information. Please email info@fmbcc.com with any questions. WEBINAR SLIDES & TRANSCRIPT SBA PRESS RELEASE


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