EDGE- Southern California Edison Series 

Building Operational Capacity:
Process Flow, Risk Management & Document Management
The workshop will discuss assessing your company’s capacity beyond access to capital; understanding total resource needs of people, operational processes, technology, insurance, licenses, certifications, etc.
 Building Effective Client Relationships

8A Boot Camp

Building Black Wealth Series 

 Budget tool that will help you calculate your expenses and protect your savings. 

The second tool I wanted to share is a Loan Repayment Calculator which will help you determine how long it will take to repay a loan and show you how to pay it off faster. 

Don't forget to complete the Financial Literacy Survey 

Managing Conflict in the Workplace

Have you ever wondered how to manage conflict at work?Tired of the co-worker who is always talking so loud near your desk that it's hard to think but you just smile to avoid conflict?Have you ever second-guessed yourself on how you managed that extra assignment given to you by your boss when you are already overworked?If you have asked yourself any of these types of questions then Managing Conflict in the Workplace may be just what you need to learn strategies on how to manage these types of encounters and more.  People perish for a lack of knowledge, fill up your arsenal with some useful tips and tools


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